Terms and conditions of use

1. Scope of application

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, these terms and conditions apply to all transport orders placed with Volts.ee, with the exception of transport that is not covered by the Road Transport Contracts Act, or that has been otherwise agreed in writing, or for which special provisions apply.

2. Transport contract and payment

A transport agreement between the customer and Volts.ee is concluded when the customer orders and pays for transport to Volts.ee or brings the consignment to Volts.ee for further delivery.

3. Transport order

When ordering transport, the customer must provide information about the shipment.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the order and is liable for all costs and damages incurred by Volts.ee as a result of incorrect information.

The customer is also liable for the costs of late cancellation.

4. Delivery and loading of goods

Volts.ee will collect the goods from the address indicated by the customer.

5. Possible tax liability and tax liability for products subject to excise duty.

In the event that the products delivered for transport by the subscriber are subject to excise duties or other taxes in the country of origin/delivery of the subscriber, the subscriber undertakes to pay all the aforementioned taxes or other charges, plus interest.

6. Delivery of the order to the customer and age verification

Upon delivery of the order, the identity and age of the recipient will be verified. Orders will not be delivered to persons under the age of 21.

7. Delivery time and place.

Volts.ee delivers the goods to the delivery address/nearest collection point of the subcontractor within 2-8 working days after the order has been collected from the shop. The delivery time depends on the destination country.

Delivery is made to the specified delivery address in the yard or wherever a lorry or van can reach.

Collection will take place upon notification that the products are ready for collection and payment of our freight charges.

Products will be delivered on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. Delivery outside these hours must be agreed separately.

Freight charges are based on the total weight of the order and the postcode.

8. Returns and products damaged in transit.

As Volts.ee only acts as a carrier of the goods, you must arrange any returns with the merchant from whom you have placed your order. Please also read the conditions for damaged goods.