30 kg - From Estonia to Finland - Home delivery
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30kg - From Estonia to Finland - home delivery

30kg - Virosta Suomeen - Kuljetus kotiin asti30kg - Virosta Suomeen - Kuljetus kotiin asti

NOTE: We do not deliver small parcels from the Superalko (Viinarannasta).

✅ This 30kg order will be shipped in 1 parcel. Please check with the store if your order will fit into one parcel. If your order needs to be shipped in 2 parcels, you will need to order 2 parcels, click the + sign to add more parcels.

Do not exceed 30 kg. We will charge you an additional fee. Always check and ask the shop to weigh the package. Some online shop they show the weight on shoppin cart. Like Tulivesi.comAlcocentrum.euSuperalko.lv and etc.

NOTE! Always ask the seller if the products will be packed in a cardboard box so that the products are not damaged during transport.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not deliver orders from Viinarannasta.ee (Superalko VIRO), because they do not pack orders. 


29.99 Tax excluded

32.99 - 3.00


Package of DELIVERY Pins:


Glass bottles 50cl = 1.04kg

Glass bottles 70cl, 75cl = 1.65kg

Glass bottles 100cl = 1.95kg

Plastic bottles 50cl = 0.6 kg

Plastic bottles 100cl = 1.2kg

BIB Wines 300cl = 3.1 kg


Beer, tentacle, cider boxes 24pcs x 33 cl = 8.5 kg(cans)

Beer, tentacle, cider boxes 24pcs x 33 cl = 20 kg(glass bottles)

Beer, tentacle, cider boxes 24pcs x 50(56) cl = 15 kg(cans)

Box of plastic bottles of vodka 50cl x 10pcs. = 6,0 kg

What is the transport weight?

The shipping weight is different from the actual weight of the product. The transport weight is determined by the number of slots and the space of the product in the box. As a result, the shipping weight is higher than the actual weight of the product. Sometimes the shipping weight is even less than the actual weight of the product.

30kg package

Viina netistä kotiovelle Virosta

NB! Ask the seller if he packs the products safely and unbreakably in a cardboard box.

Products must be packed in a single box up to 30 kg. If your order is over 30 kg, please order two boxes.

NOTE: We do not deliver tobacco

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